11th National Pharmacy R&D Conference

“Pharmacy Research Towards Optimization of Therapy and Service Delivery”


Important Dates

Abstract submission


3 February – 15 March 2020



to be announced


Guidelines for Abstract Submission

The upcoming 11th National Pharmacy R&D Conference 2020 welcomes abstracts for oral / poster presentations in the area of pharmacy research. Pharmacists, healthcare professionals, students and academicians from the government and private sectors involved in research activities are welcome to submit their abstracts.

The content of the submitted abstracts should comply with the theme of the conference. The focus will be on two main areas stated below:

Research Area Explanation
Optimization of therapy Researches that are conducted to optimize drug therapy (pharmacotherapy) outcomes in patients. Any research aimed to improve the outcome of therapy in patients will be included in this category. The findings of research in this area should lead to the optimization of patients’ outcome or therapy, or change of practice or use of current resources. It is not limited to pharmacotherapy interventional studies, but can also include medication review by MOH or community pharmacists, antimicrobial stewardship, etc. Studies on the impact of electronic applications and information and communication technology (ICT) in therapeutic optimization are also welcome.
Optimization of pharmacy service delivery All researches that are conducted to improve the current pharmacy service delivery are included in this category. It shall cover all but not limited to studies about extended pharmacy services, home medication review, value added services (VAS), etc. Researches aimed to study pharmacy services being provided such as research on the non-conventional pharmacy services, pharmacy enforcement services and regulatory services will also be applied. The research findings on the role of pharmacist, capacity building and service efficiency are also addressed in this area. Studies on the impact of ICT in the optimization of pharmacy services are also recommended.

The abstract should be based on original research and has NOT been published in any other journal, conference proceedings or publication.

Abstract that has been presented AND has won any prize or award in any national or international conference is NOT ALLOWED. The Scientific Committee, however, may consider accepting abstracts that have been presented at the state or facility level.

All abstracts accepted in this conference will be published as a supplementary issue in the MOH Pharmacy Research Reports.

All abstracts must be submitted electronically on the Research @ Pharmacy portal (https://research.pharmacy.gov.my/) by 15 MARCH 2020.

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