Abstract Submission Guidelines

Guidelines For Abstract Submission

The 12th National Pharmacy R&D Conference 2024 welcomes abstracts for oral / poster presentations in the area of pharmacy research. Pharmacists and other healthcare professionals, researchers, students and academicians from the government and private sectors involved in research activities are welcome to submit their abstracts.

The content of the submitted abstracts should comply with the theme of the conference. The conference focuses on NINE (9) research areas. (refer to Abstract Submission Guidelines). 

The abstract should be based on original research and the accepted abstract for this conference will be published as a supplementary issue in the Ministry of Health (MOH) Pharmacy Research Reports.

The Scientific Committee accepts abstracts that have been presented at any level (e.g facility, state, national or international level). However, an abstract that has been presented AND has won any prize or award at NATIONAL or INTERNATIONAL conferences is NOT ELIGIBLE FOR SUBMISSION

The Scientific Committee welcomes abstracts from previously published studies. However, published abstracts will only be accepted if modified. (Mandatory to paraphrase and/or rephrase both the title and content of the abstract for submission)

Abstract Format

All abstracts must be typed in font size 10, font Arial, in sentence case with single-spacing (do not use all CAPITAL LETTERS). The word count (excluding title, author details and key words) must not exceed 250 words.

The abstracts must be structured in the following format: Introduction, Objective(s), Methods, Results and Conclusion. List no more than 5 keywords related to your research. Tables, graphs, and charts are NOT permitted. 

The title of the abstract must be typed in bold and capitalise the first letter of each noun. The title should be short and specific to the content. Do not include abbreviations in the title. Every abbreviation in the text should be expanded at its first instance. The authors’ name(s) and affiliated institution(s) should be included. The name of the presenting author should be underlined.

All abstracts must be written in UK English

All research abstracts involving Ministry of Health (MOH) Malaysia personnel, facility or funded by MOH Malaysia research grant are REQUIRED to be registered with the National Medical Research Registry (NMRR). Ethics approval information is REQUIRED for ALL submissions (if applicable). 

Don't forget to submit your abstract before May 17, 2024 April 30, 2024! 

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