R&D Conference 2020 Submission

# Title Track Mode
111 Adherence to Ramadan Antidiabetic Medication Taking Instructions among Diabetes Patients in Putrajaya Hospital: a Cross-sectional Study Optimization of service delivery Poster
112 The Impact of Pre-Stroke Treatment of Cardiovascular Risk Factors on Stroke Severity and Outcome Optimization of therapy Oral
113 Evaluation of the Knowledge on Cold Chain Management among Healthcare Workers: A Multicentre Study in Penang District Public Primary Health Clinics, Malaysia Optimization of service delivery Oral
114 Evaluation of optimal initiation warfarin dose in newly treated patient with atrial fibrillation in HTAA Optimization of therapy Poster
115 Awareness and Perception towards “Scan and Collect”, “WhatsApp and Collect” Value Added Services in Outpatient Pharmacy Department of a Tertiary Referral Hospital Optimization of service delivery Poster
116 Quality of Life of HIV/AIDS Patients on Highly Active Anti-Retroviral Therapy in Hulu Langat District Optimization of service delivery Poster
117 The Association of Hospital Acquired Infections with Mortality Rate in Post-Cardiac Surgery Patients Optimization of therapy Oral
118 The Adequacy of Vancomycin Fixed-loading dose Regimen in CRBSI for Patients Receiving Hemodialysis in Hospital Melaka Optimization of therapy Poster
120 Assessment of Effectiveness of Interventions on High Alert Medications (HAM) among Nursing Personnel and Medical Assistants in Hospital Labuan Optimization of service delivery Oral
121 The Prevalence of Critical Inhaler Errors among Inhaler-naïve Adult Volunteers in Hospital Tengku Ampuan Afzan (HTAA) Optimization of therapy Poster
122 Prescribing errors requiring pharmacists’ interventions at the Out-Patient Pharmacy of Putrajaya Hospital. Optimization of service delivery Oral
123 Assessing Medication Discrepancies Among Adult Patients in General Medicine Wards During Admission and Discharge: A Prospective Observational Study in Hospital Segamat Optimization of service delivery Oral
124 Cross-sectional, Descriptive Study On The Impact Of Antimicrobial Stewardship Program In Medical Department Hospital Tawau Towards Antibiotic Use In Year 2014 And 2016 Optimization of therapy Poster
125 Appropriateness of Sildenafil Prescribing in Patient with Corrected Valvular Heart Disease and Residual Pulmonary Hypertension : A Single Centre Study Optimization of therapy Oral
126 The Impact of Pharmacist’s Counselling on Knowledge of Epilepsy and its Treatment Among Caregivers of Paediatric Patients with Epilepsy Optimization of service delivery Poster
127 HIV-related Stigma and Discrimination among Pharmacists in Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya Optimization of service delivery Poster
128 Compliance of Advertisers Towards Medicines (Advertisement and Sales) Act 1956 in Kuala Lumpur & Putrajaya: A Retrospective Study from 2015-2017 Optimization of service delivery Poster
129 De-escalation Of Empirical Antibiotic Therapy for Hospitalised Patient in Hospital Alor Gajah Optimization of therapy Poster
130 Home Medication Review (HMR) by Hospital Tuanku Fauziah (HTF): Carers’ Perspectives Optimization of service delivery Oral